The Lozenge and Hampshire Preservation Society

Lozenge and Hampshire are in the window
Lozenge and Hampshire are in the window

2nd UPDATE!  As of May 2, 2010, Lozenge and Hampshire is COMPLETELY back online!  That means MORE MYSTERIES!!!  Check it out here:


UPDATE!  As of January 30, 2010, Lozenge and Hampshire is back online!  Check it out here:


The Lozenge and Hampshire Preservation Society is an organization devoted to saving one of the Internet's most beloved, funny, abandoned browser-based point-and-click adventure mystery games.  Created by James Evans, Lozenge & Hampshire, with their wit and charm, have entertained countless gamers.  While currently offline and unavailable, Lozenge and Hampshire will never be forgotten by its ever-growing and devoted cult-following.  This society was created in response to the growing demand from the series' fans that Lozenge and Hampshire not be tragically and irrevocably lost in the sands of time, but instead that it be available forever, so that each new generation can rediscover the joy and the magic of the beautiful games that are the Lozenge and Hampshire mysteries.  


Some works of art are too special to be lost.  Just like specialists from the top of their technical fields struggle to preserve the Mona Lisa and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, so too must the fan community band together and insist that the Lozenge and Hampshire Mysteries are not lost, but are instead always available to be shared with our children, our spouses, loved-ones and friends. 



What are the Lozenge and Hampshire Mysteries?

You can still see the store if you click on the shirt!  Go ahead, buy a mug!
You can still see the store if you click on the shirt! Go ahead, buy a mug!


Here is a description of the series, taken from the Lozenge and Hampshire Fan Forum:


Randolph Lozenge and Archibald Hampshire, the RGDs (Really Good Detectives) solve mysteries from their flat in Baker Street, owned by Mrs. Bunson. Accompanied by PC Fudge and assigned their missions by Inspector Bungham, they've encountered everything from a foreign chef to a murderous Santa! However, they always keep their cool, and, despite the eccentricity of their universe, they continue to solve any case that crosses their path.

Here is a list of the Lozenge and Hampshire games:

The Murder of Colonel McSpruce

The Case of the Dead Person

The Case of the Curious Odor

The Case of the Baronial Stiff 


Cult Following: The Fans Speak Out!

Below are quotations taken from Lozenge and Hampshire's growing legion of fans, showing the demand for the return of Lozenge and Hampshire.  

Does anyone remember this Victorian themed point and click adventure?


Nostalgia has left me attmepting to rediscover a series of online point-and-click adventure games I played when I was younger. Its basic premise was a spoof on Sherlock Holmes and Watson, and you solved murder mysteries in Victorian era England. Anyone remember anything?


~An entry at from 2008


why aren't you cleaning?
why aren't you cleaning?

Whatever happened to Lozenge and Hampshire?


It was a great free online sleuthing game... Just wondering if they made any more "mysteries" and where I can find 'em.


~An entry at from 2007

Archibald Hampshire rules
Archibald Hampshire rules

Lozenge & Hampshire?????


Does anyone remember the Lozenge and Hampshire point and click mystery games? Any ideas if they are still up? Its no longer hosted at the site I went to...its probably gone to online game heaven, but thought it was worth a try to check with you guys. Heheh I was waiting for yet another 'coming soon' adventure... 


~An entry at from 2005

Lozenge and Hampshire Content Still on the Web!

The original Lozenge and Hampshire site


Once, this site hosted ad-supported Lozenge and Hampshire Mystery games.  Now, like  a ghost in an abandoned mansion, the Lozenge and Hampshire series lurks here and weeps, whispering to the faithful to remember its legacy and pray for its rebirth.


The Lozenge and Hampshire Cafepress Store


Here, fortunately, you can still buy a mug, a mousepad, and a t-shirt, relics of a time since passed, a better time, a golden era when Lozenge and Hampshire was available and made the world a little more beautiful to those lucky enough to stumble upon it while surfing the webosphere.  Buy a T-shirt, but do not wear it with sadness; Lozenge and Hampshire would have wanted you to wear it in the joyful spirit of their many zany adventures together.  And they would want you to pray for their return.


The Lozenge and Hampshire WorldVillage Website Review


Here's what the Bald Guy said about the game in his article The Bald Guy Pick:  


This week's Bald Guy Pick has a veddy British sense of humor about it. Presenting Lozenge and Hampshire. These two blokes are hot on the trail of a murderer. You follow along through an interactive game that you'll find quite amusing, as well as dreadfully addictive. When you're finished, then explore the rest of the site and enjoy the meese, amongst other distractions. Tata!


Lozenge and Hampshire Fanfiction at Ultra Publications by Clovis 15:


Here's an excerpt from a cool Fanfiction entitled "The Case of the Ho-Ho-Horror":


Lozenge and Hampshire, upon arriving at the Shrompshire Hotel, were distraught as to what to do. The dinning room was filled with dozens upon dozens of rather happy looking fat people in Santa costumes. From the smell of the air in the room it was easily obvious to tell that not a single man in this room, save for maybe Lozenge and Hampshire, was sober at the moment. Brown stains upon the carpet from spilled booze were all over the room. The carpet washers would most certainly get to charge a high fee when they cleaned up this place.


The Lozenge and Hampshire Fan Forum


As the forum's users lost hope in Lozenge and Hampshire's return, the messages have been taken over by unwelcome advertisements.  Fans must never lose hope that Lozenge and Hampshire will return!


The Lozenge and Hampshire Yahoo Group


This Yahoo group, in days of old, was used to notify hopeful fans that a new Lozenge and Hampshire game would soon be released.  We can only hope that some day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, we will see another post from James Evans.  The world is clamoring for Lozenge and Hampshire, keep your eye on this group and maybe one day we will see the post we are hoping for.


The Lozenge and Hampshire Wikipedia Page


At one point, this page was taken down, because the author(s) of this wikipedia entry for Lozenge and Hampshire failed to adequately establish the "...achievements, impact or historical significance" of the Lozenge and Hampshire website.  Perhaps some day, people will recognize that not only commercial games with all their marketing and hype change the world, but anyone with talent, humor, and some computer skill like James Evans can craft a game that will be remembered by a community of fans long after it is tragically rendered unavailable.



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    false alarm! I just tested all 3 games and got them to work, to do it I used internet explorer and added the thrib site to the list of "trusted sites", that may have been a fluke but finally I got the games working! Be persistent and maybe you can get them to work too! :)

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    Bennet (Saturday, 14 January 2012 15:11)

    I just emailed James Evans about the problem, hopefully it's fixable! thanks for letting us know Vincent!

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    Vincent Summers (Tuesday, 13 December 2011 06:49)

    Of course, the game is down again. Has anyone been in touch with James Evans? These pieces were refreshingly understated and soothing.